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The perfect gift for the person who has everything

Pillow Bag London was created on the back of our founder struggling to find anything suitable to fill her Birkin bags with.  She had always looked after them, keeping them in their dust bags and pulling the straps closed but some of them were starting to loose their shape. Ordinary pillows were just not the right shape and size to keep them in their unique shape, so she decided to make her own.  

Pillow Bag London was created with our founders values at the heart of the business; hand made in the UK, high quality fabrics and a luxurious finish to align with the bags that they will be paired with. They are designed to match the customers own personal style, and can be individually created to ensure this.  Knowing the bags are neatly being looked after in the best possible way is very fulfilling. Pillow Bag London also make the perfect gift for the lady or gent who have everything. They are delivered in beautiful packaging direct to the persons door.